Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Where does the work end and the FUN begin?

I find myself asking this question a lot, these days.
It's hard to make sure that the things we love best don't became like "work".
After all, we loved them because they took us away from work and transported us to a happier realm.

I have a confession to make...writing, sometimes, feels like work. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.
There is so much time and tears that go into a good book.
Research, writing the dang thing, editing, editing, editing.
So how can we turn this from work back into fun?

1- Write about something you like!
If you like it, the process becomes that much easier!
If you like Fantasy, go ahead, write about a three headed dragon!
 If you're into mystery, think of an ending you would never see coming and then WRITE ABOUT IT!

2- Look for inspiration everywhere.
I like to do this when I'm having a hard time coming up with Characters.
There are interesting people EVERYWHERE! Sit somewhere and people watch for a minute. Yes, sounds creepy...just tell them you're doing an experiment or something.
If your story needs a little UMPH, watch youtube or read about people doing amazing things or even natural disasters; that's always a fun twist!
Enjoy yourself in the moment and plug that into your writing.

3- Give yourself some slack.
I used to write with goals of 10-30 pages per day, no excuses....yeah, that didn't work out too well.
Life tends to throw curve balls at you.
If you miss a few pages (or days) don't beat yourself up about it, just pick up where you left off and try it again.
Deadlines are great things, but if it's too tight, your writing will become WORK (and we don't want that).
If you've got writers block, try writing about something else for a while. There are a lot of fun writing prompts out there to get your mind off of things.
Taking a break does wonders to an overworked mind.
Most of the time when you come back to your work, the inspiration is waiting.

4- Book Talk
This step is a pillar in my writing life!
Find someone who also has a passion for writing and just chit chat about your story ideas.
Two minds are better than one; that person may just be the answer to your prayers.
I can't tell you how many times I have been so stuck on a plot point with no idea how to get from point A to point B then I chatted it up with one of my writing friends and BOOM floods of ideas!
Besides, it's fun.
Generally, people don't understand the natural high that comes when you're "in the zone" or when you've completed something you can be proud of. That's why having other writer friends in imperative!
Get with people who are on your level.

5- Sleep on it.
Still stuck on an idea, have lack of motivation or are super frustrated? Try this.
When you're ready to go to bed, lay there and think "I will have an awesome dream with the answer and my problems will be done."
I bet you really think I'm loony now. Don't dog it until you try it!
I have a friend who does this and when he wakes up, he has fresh inspiration.
Your subconscious will work it out for you.

6- Love that you do what you do!

I used to be afraid to tell people that I was a writer. I felt like I wasn't really qualified for that title...
I mean, I didn't have a degree in English or anything, but then I realize that all the work and passion that goes into my work DOES make me a writer!

When I started to tell people that I loved to write, it amazed me how impressed they were. 
Writing was just something I did...but when they wanted to read my writings and actually LIKED it, well, I was on cloud 9.
Begin to introduce yourself as a writer. Don't let everything you've strived for, sit on the sidelines; it doesn't matter if you've been published or if you have notebook after notebook with stories written in them.
Love that you write and let others in on your passion for it.

There are many more tips and tricks, I'm sure; however, I think I've ranted long enough.
Let me know if these help you like it helps me.