Monday, February 3, 2014

"Wow" Moments

Every once in a while, I like to dive into the archives and read back through an old story. 
Sometimes I do it to edit, to find another story idea and other times, I do it to re-inspire myself (If you're ever having writers block, this is a great trick to help battle that).
There are times when I catch myself reading through my stories as if I had not written it. 
Meaning, I am just as surprised when the characters in the book make certain choices or say things.
During these times, when I'm lost in the book, I find myself having "wow" moments. For example, I'll be reading a funny part of the book and find myself bursting out laughing; that stops me for a moment and I think "Wow, I wrote that!"
The sense of pride that fills me during these moments is great. 
I don't know about you, but as a writer, sometimes I feel like I am just kidding around and that I could never be as good a writer as other authors (you are your worst critic!). 
These "wow" moments seem to seal the deal for me. When I can still impress myself and forget that I wrote what I am reading and just enjoy the story, I know I did a good job and if I can enjoy the book, so can others. 
Let's face it, writing isn't easy...So, if you struggle with being your own worst critic, I suggest you read back through your story. Don't edit it, don't look down to every detail, I'm talking about just reading it, as if you picked up the book from the library and you needed a good read. 
You just might surprise yourself. 

Have any of you had "Wow" moments?

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