Thursday, April 24, 2014

Add a "Soundtrack" to your Story

Ever been listening to a song that hits you so deep that you look out the window and pretend that you're in a movie? 
Come on, we all do it!
Or have you ever watched a dramatic movie and afterwards the scenes keep playing in your head and the soundtrack sticks with you for days?
Maybe you even think about how you would have ended it differently?
These times are best used for your writing!

It amazes me how much music can affect your mood day to day. 
The same can be said about writing.
If I have an adventurous song on with a very energetic beat, I feel like my writing comes out more pumped up and full of juicy descriptions.
On the flip-side, if I am writing a heart wrenching scene, I like to listen to haunting slow songs. 
I like to think of this as putting a "soundtrack" to my story.

I used to write to silence, but now that I've tried music, I find that I can write for longer periods of time without burning out.
Sometimes, I will find the perfect song to what I am writing and will end up playing it on a loop.
I've even...made myself cry doing this. Don't judge! haha
If you're not already convinced, here's another plus to listening to music while you write, it cancels out other noise around you.
Like the lawn mower next-door, the annoying little brother, or the sports channel on in the front room.
Use music to pull you out of every day life and take you to another place, one where YOU control what happens.
If you have a problem concentrating on writing due to lyrical music, try classical, or my favorites, soundtrack music.
You tube, Pandora, iTunes, etc...are full of awesome music of all genres that will help inspire your work.
If you've never tried it before, give it a shot!
What are you waiting for?
Try adding a "soundtrack" to your story, it just might give you the awesome boost you need to make your story GREAT!

Here are a few of my favorite songs to write to:

Drumming Song- Florence and the Machine
When I'm Small- Phantogram
Midnight City- M83
Do I Wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys
Elastic Heart- Sia
Breath of Life- Florence and the Machine  
Intro- The Xx
Gladiator Soundtrack
Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

My Love- Sia
Words- Skylar Grey
Hymns to the Sea- James Horner (Instrumental)
Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey
Stay- Rihanna
Breathe Again- Sarah Barellis
Origami Crane- Trevor Hale
Waterfall- Enya (Instrumental)
The Approaching Night- Phillip Wesley (Instrumental)

Seven Devils- Florence and the Machine
Loretta Young Silks- Sneaker Pimps
Hello- Evanescence 
Jack and Sally Montague- Danny Elfman (Instrumental)
Walk the Rain- Sneaker Pimps
Sentimentos- Andres Linetzkey (Instrumental)

There's a little bit to get you going. 
If you have songs that you love to listen to while writing, I'd love to hear about them.
Please comment the name of the song and I'll check it out. 
I love finding new music!

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