Monday, September 22, 2014

Writing Quirks

I thought that since you put up with all my other rants about writing, you might like to get to know me a little better. 
Here goes (no judging)

One thing I've discovered about myself during all my years of writing, is that I have developed some quirks that I don't think one would consider...normal.

I'm sure we've all got things that we do that we don't realize we even do. I'm sure I have some I still don't know about.

My First Quirk: 
When I'm editing, I liked to read out loud (it helps you catch your mistakes). But that's not the quirk...wait for it...Not only do I read out loud, but I usually end up going into a British accent...I am not British, but that doesn't stop me from fluxing my voice like i'm from London.

Second Quirk:
I read voices...or I should say "in voices".
While reading in a British accent, I lower or raise my pitch as if I were doing all the different character voices. 
Imagine how you would read a picture book to a child and you've got it, only I'm just reading it to myself. Haha

Third Quirk:
When I write longhand, I write sideways. As in, when I place a piece of paper on the desk, it is not facing vertical; instead, it is turned onto its side (horizontally) and I write from bottom to top.
Yet, when you straighten the paper, my writing is straight across and perfectly legible. 
(I've got skills)

Fourth Quirk:
When writing by hand, typing or editing, I end up tilting my head to the right; so much so that I've earned myself an impressive knot in my shoulder that I like to call Javier.
I have to catch myself and consciously think of keeping my head straight. 

Another Quirk:
My characters control the story. I just try my hardest to get it all down before they throw another twist at me. In fact, I wrote an entire blog post about it. Read it here.

Yet Another Quirk: (I know, I know)
While editing, I like to have something noisy in my hands. For example, a clicky pen or something with a snap on it; basically something to keep my hands busy with something that gives me the satisfaction of clicking. 
The sound doesn't register with me, after all, I'm editing, but it is not a lot of fun for anyone who happens to be around me. 

Last Quirk: (I promise)
And finally, I cannot sit in a computer chair like a normal person (with both feet on the ground and back straight). I prefer to type with one leg tucked under my other, until I can no longer feel it. Then I switch, having to bounce my foot up and down to regain blood flow, all the while squirming in my chair as i'm trying to edit.
Every time.

Well there you have it, a little glimpse into the chaos that is my mind.
Like I said, I probably have more quirks that I haven't realized yet. I think they are funny because I catch myself doing them all the time!

And I know I'm not the only one, so let's hear one of your quirks!

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