Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Writing Prompts Guaranteed To Get The Creativity Flowing

As a writer, it's hard to stay motivated ALL THE TIME and sometimes your creativity is just blocked. Here are some fun prompts to help get your mind off your main project for a while and try something new; sometimes, that's all that's needed to get the creativity flowing again.

1- Ghostbuster for Hire:
You've been out of work for a few months and respond to an unusual ad online that reads, "Team seeking full time associate who isn't afraid of ghosts". Intrigued, you go to their office and get hired on the spot. Moments later, there's a...

You went to bed, like any other night and were out like a log in minutes. But when you woke up, you weren't at home. You were in a car (that wasn't yours), wearing clothes (that weren't yours) and holding a bag full of money (that wasn't yours either). Suddenly police lights flash from behind...

3-Who Am I:
A shapeshifter deals with an existential crisis after realizing it no longer remembers its original shape.

4- Dream Bender:
After waking from a coma, you discover you have the ability to control the world around you as if it were a dream. The only problem is that you don't know you're awake.

5- The Life of a Small Man:
Rewrite the fairy tale, Snow White, from the point of view of Bashful, one of the 7 dwarves.

6- Switch:
You wake up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. A different face stares back at you. Begin your story here.

7- Ride Hard or Go Home:
In 200 words, describe a day in the life of a Valet.

8- I Hope You're Happy Now:
Fill in the blank and use this line of dialogue in your story.
"I hope you're all happy, because now I have to ____."

9- TGIF:
Describe each day of the week as if it were a person.

10- The Flip:
Write about the dragon who rescued the Princess from the Knight.

Here are some excellent resources for fun writing prompts. (These are where I found some of these)
Pinterest - Search writing prompt
Tumblr - Search writing prompts

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