Thursday, November 28, 2013

There is no Prince Charming!

So, a few months ago, I published my first book through ebook called There is no Prince Charming
As you can imagine, when it first showed up online, I did a happy dance for at least an hour. And then I repeated that dance when I had reached ten downloads. 
When I started writing this story, it was just for fun. Little did I know, it would become so much more!
One thing I can say for sure, writing takes time and effort. I went through countless drafts and I still feel like it's not perfect (but I'm sure that's my OCD speaking). 
If you haven't tried writing something from first person, I suggest it. It brings a whole new life to the story and you can add so much of your own spunk and personality to it.

Jennifer Carmichael, a lowly secretary and cynical romance novel addict, is ripped form her dull life when she wakes up to find that she is no longer in New York City, but held captive in a fictional world found withing the pages of the strange book she discovered on the subway; a medieval world where women do as they are told and all the men look sexy enough to eat.
Jen's sharp attitude and fierce independence immediately attracts the attention of the Prince. He is everything any woman could ever want, a real Prince Charming. However, things are not always what they seem. 
Desperately trying to find her way home, but flung head first into the middle of a brewing way between the King and the Rebellion, Jen must choose what to fight for: the Prince, the People, or her heart.

If you're looking for a good read, look no further than this book. It is sure to entertain you. I can tell you this because it was such a blast to write!


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