Monday, March 17, 2014

Arranged (Vidarian Chronicles Book 1)

What is a writer without anything to show for it. 
Earlier posts in my blog introduced my first book, There is no Prince Charming
which has been met with good reviews and many purchases (yay money!) 
Anyway, during this post, I would like to introduce my SECOND book!



With an uncle determined to control her life and more importantly, her inheritance by arranging her marriage, Alison Forbush sees no choice but to run from the life she knew.
Her rebellion would spark a chain reaction that would not only change her life, but effect an entire kingdom.
Discovered, captured and imprisoned by strange creatures that inhabit an underground world where every shadow holds danger, Alison struggles to maintain her independence, especially when their fierce King takes an interest in her.
She must ask herself if this strange world could hold everything she'd been looking for or, following her uncles example, was all of this Arranged from the beginning?

Great read! And not just cause I'm bias. :)

I appreciate your support. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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